How to sterilize wooden flutes

Your professional wooden flute will naturally collect dirt and saliva from use. If you don’t clean it regularly, your instrument may become distorted and even damaged. It is important to sterilize your instrument with precision and time. These tips will help you sterilize your wooden flute.

Take an old T-shirt, and divide it into two sections. If you wish to place your flute back in its protective case, then split it up. After that, you will need to add one or two tablespoons liquid soap into a large bowl of warm water. Once it has foamed, you can whirl it around in the water until it becomes foamy. You can add more liquid soap to the bucket if there is no foam.

The T-shirt should also be dipped in the cleaning solution. Any excess moisture should be removed. You should clean the outside of the flute with a soft cloth. The three components including the mouthpiece should also be cleaned. To clean every nook and cranny of the flute, cotton balls and qtips are recommended. You should wash the T-shirt in warm water until it runs clear. Make sure the cloth is clean of soap. The flute should be rinsed with warm water to remove any soap residue. Wood can become moldy if it’s exposed to excessive moisture. You should set the pieces aside and let them dry in the open.

The second section of the T-shirt can be dipped in a cleaning solution, and then wrapped around a rod. To clean the flute’s entrails, insert the rod into it. To avoid damaging the flute, you should not apply too much pressure. The inner flute will be sterilized by the liquid soap, while the rod’s cleaning cloth will protect the wood finish. The rod will remove any dirt or accumulated dust from the flute.

The T-shirt should then be washed with running water until it runs clear. Wrap the shirt around your rod and then use it to clean the inside of the flute. This will remove any soapy residues that could cause damage to the wood’s finish. You should then place the flute aside and let it dry in the open.

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