Privacy Policy

Music is designed to protect your privacy and allow you to decide what to share.

Musical Theatre Center may collect information about you Musical Theatre Center Music activity (such as your song choices and length) to personalize the service, notify you, and pay our partners.

  • Your cloud library transmits information from your music collection to Musical Theatre Center, including song and artist names. This allows you to unlock and identify any songs in Musical Theatre Center Music.
  • Your cloud library information is associated with you as long as your subscription continues, and for a brief time thereafter. We keep records of songs played for the period specified by applicable laws regarding financial reporting.
  • When you make a purchase, you will need to provide information about your device. This includes the number of calls and emails you have sent and received. Musictheatre will not be able to learn the true value of your device by submitting these submissions. Our servers store the scores for a set time.

Musicaltheatre is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We do our best to only collect the information we need to improve your experience. When we do collect data, it is important that you understand what we are collecting and why. This will allow you to make informed decisions. musicatheatre Music is built with these principles in place, as are all musicatheatre products and services.

Your personal information is used to provide services and features on musicaltheatrecenter Music. You can change or access this information in Settings or System Preferences.

Musictheatre gathers information from you when you subscribe to musictheatre Music to help tailor features to your musical preferences. Listen Now allows you to see playlists and albums for you and Radio plays songs from your favorite artists and genres. This information is also used to contact you via email and push notifications about new releases, artists, and other musicatheatre Music events that you might be interested in